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Movie Hut

   Movies of all ages are analyzed, evaluated and scored. We talk about the latest movies as they are released, we extract the morals portrayed by the makers of the movie thus making the our readers understand the different facets to the movie that they skipped.

  From Hollywood movies to Bollywood and to our very own Nollywood. Movies that have won great awards would be discussed from those that won the Oscars to our very own AMVCA awards. Visit our movie hut to find out what we think about your favorite movie.


  Law students who find it very hard to remember their cases can take this quiz as it covers courses like Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Legal System and Legal Methods. Each course has its own collection of quizzes for each topic in the syllabus. This would make it easy for the students to remember their cases as the quizzes are structured in a unique manner that would enable them to commit the cases to memory.

  Hit the button to start the quiz on any Law course of your choice.



This is the part where we learn how to apply the different principles of life from different perspectives, through different authors and interviews.

"This is a great literary piece. I enjoyed every bit of it"
Ihechiluru Gift Ogbonna
Graduate in English Literature, India
"Makes me want to see the movie"
Nzube Nlebedim
Chief Editor, The Shallow Tales Review
"Reading through, I see boldness and calmness. One of my best literary piece of the year."
Ayodeji Adedoyin
Law Student, Nigeria