A Life in the Stars

I wish I were the stars,
So big that it cannot be thrown behind bars,
So bright that it never needs a lighter
But how long do I have to wish to go that far?

     I wish never to be called a human,
     I cannot even bear being called a woman,
     Life itself drives us insane,
     A race ran without gain.

Loved ones are taken away from you
And in a twinkle of an eye it’s all true,
Some of us end up on sick beds living on fluid,
While others sip juice with blood blue.
      Oh! But the stars ever daring,
      Twinkling ever caring,
      Illuminating the sky never complaining.

I wish I were the stars
Where I cannot suffer,
Where Death stays so far
And Heaven stays so close to my eyes.

         Love, the very spice of life
         Ends up being a thorn in the flesh,
         Hearts, breaks, cracks like glass,
         While some swim in love ever glad.

If I were the stars
I would never fear the wrath of true love.
Just as the stars dine together as one,
I would also be a part of a whole.

      But I’m damned to this wicked world,
      A world glued with excess bad and less good.
        Oh! If only I had a life in the stars.

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