Hi guys, my name is Ogbonna Chimezie Elizabeth,  a proud Nigerian, a writer and a law student. I first started this blog to promote my unpublished works and it worked perfectly until I looked around and realized that there is so much more to my imagination than the poems and the stories.  

So I decided that this would be more than a story hub, but a place where movies and animations of different kinds would be discussed. I’ll be analyzing movies, give my own understanding of the themes making sure to extract the moral that the producers intended just so that people can see those morals clearly.

For those who have interest in becoming writers, I publish tips [intensive videos, audios, excerpts from popular writers and writeups] on how to write better and become a published author. I also try to give insights to the novels that I read, making sure to extract the morals like I do with the movies. There would be novels of different genres and books on writing available for the writers and the book lovers.

 Finally, as a law student in Nigeria, I noticed that most students find it very difficult to put what they have learnt to memory. Most of them yearn to be taught intensively, this is what we barely find in this part of the world so I decided to solve the problem in my own way. I created a small section for the law students where they can listen to my podcasts on the topics that I read on my own as I read them. The comment section would be open to the audience for questions as I would also ask questions on the parts that I do not understand to the audience. 

There would be tests to analyze on the major cases of each topic on the several courses law, same applies to the writers who wish to take tests on the writing tips that they have learnt.

My Passion

I’m just one extra human who is mad enough to believe that I can make Nigeria a better place and the world at large.

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