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Do We Really Need A King of Boys 2

Hi guys, welcome to our first movie in our Movie Hut for the year 2021!! We’ll be talking about, Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys, which is literally one of the greatest Nollywood movies in the last decade. Kemi broke all grounds with that movie and shocked Nigerians through and through and now she announced that a part two would be hitting our screens this year.

  Well, that kind of news comes with a tinge of anxiety and excitement ‘cause I silently hope that it beats the hype that it’s being serenaded with. The likes of Wedding Party and Merry Men thoroughly disappointed me with their second parts but here I am, getting my hopes up on this one ‘cause I’m sure Kemi’s gonna kill it. I mean the teaser that she released late last year made my head spin.

   So right here I would be doing the following;

  • Analysis of the loopholes in KOB (2018)
  • Predictions on how I think The KOB(2021) would be like

   The loopholes in KOB were harrrrrrd to find, I’m telling you cause I think I watched the movie a million times before I could get a tiny inkling of anything. My first loophole is the ‘Mr. Gobir’s Mysterious Gift Saga’, after the first ‘questioning’ of Eniola Salami, she asked her adopted daughter, Kemi, to send Mr. Gobir a ‘thank you gift to cover for his inconvenience’ Right after that scene we see Mr. Gobir finding a large amount of sweet pounds in the back seat of his car.

  At first, I thought, mehn that has to be Mafia Queen’s handwork but turns out that but Mr Gobir’s boss in the police force was the mastermind behind the bribery. I mean, I was shocked but what then was the mysterious gift that she talked about?? Cause we saw Kemi call someone to arrange the ‘gift’ but kpoof…no gift in the end, which is much unlike Eniola Salami who takes her words very seriously.

 Anyway, we move on to our next mystery, did Eniola Salami really kill her predecessor’s (Jide Kosoko), immediate family. I mean, we all know that the woman is a very compassionate viper but did she really do that?

It was obvious that she cared for the man at least a little to care for him while he was bedridden. Whether or not she killed the man is shrouded in mystery. In that catharsis moment, in the jail cell, she made it clear that she had nothing to do with the accident that claimed his entire family. Here comes the weird question, do ghosts tell lies??

 The last mystery on my list is how on earth Eniola managed to get to Brooklyn even after her empire had crashed beyond repairs. How do you think she did it?

My guess is that one way or another she called Ade Tiger who arranged everything to get her abroad. Finding her way back to her house is not an option, her house would’ve been the first target of the police but with our kind of Police Force, anything fit happen.

  • My Hypothesis on How I Think KOB 2 Would Look Like

  I would like y’all to know that new faces like Nse-Ikpe Etim, Charly Boy (Charles Oputa), Tope Olowoniyan, Remi Mofe Damijo (RMD) would be gracing our screens in KOB 2. Well, I’m anxious about how Charly Boy would take on his role cause I only know him as a rugged singer, not an actor, if Reminisce could pull it off in the prequel who knows what surprises await us in the sequel. What if Charly Boy is the one that takes Makanaki’s place on the round table??

  So with that in mind these are my skeptical predictions of what we are to expect;

  • Eniola Would Take a Brutal Revenge on Oba Aare

As expected of all politicians, Oba Aare is the Oba of Lagos who is very influential with the Western politics of Nigeria. Unfortunately for him, when the Western region was out of his grasp, he asked Eniola to help him control the situation promising to give her a ministerial slot in the upcoming election.

  Well, you can guess the rest, his betrayal made the venom in Eniola boil hard, Aare did not stop there, he connived with Makanaki to bring her down. They nearly beat her out of the game but as fate could have it, they failed. Who else remembers the promise that she made to Aare’s messenger in her office, well I’ll remind you;

  “Tell Aare that I, Eniola, would collect all my money or my blood, drop for drop…”

 There’s no way that threat was going to pass by just like that, it’s obviously some kind of foreshadowing. When Aare was arrested at the end of the movie another foreshadowing came in when Mr. Gobir noted in disappointment,

“ In the next two months, all charges against him(Aare) would be dropped, in the next two years he would contest for president and he would win..”

  What if after Aare becomes president end up being the president??

  • The Arrival of a New Villain and the Invincibility of Makanaki

Well, Kemi announced that there would be a new villain, a villain more poisonous than Eniola so much so that the new venom would chase her out of her comfort zone in Brooklyn. Mehnnnnn, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Nse-Ikpe Etim takes on the new role, Nse has this aura when it comes to taking villainous roles, RMD is not too bad a villain either.

  As for Makanaki, its very obvious that his odeshi charm is enough to thwart all those bullets Odogwu drilled into his body. We all saw that dark scene that had the tragic strangulation of a live chicken and with that kind of brutal native doctor, e sure me say no bullet fit enter. In the teaser, there was a hint that Makanaki would be possessed by some ancient evil spirit, omoooo…. I have no words in my mouth as regards that brilliant teaser.

Well to my next prediction;

  • Kemi is Alive!!!

Well, as bizarre as it sounds, I think Kemi didn’t die. I know, we all saw her die right in front of the courthouse after defending her mother in court but if you look closely, the bullet wasn’t straight in the head that would’ve killed her that fast.

  She was shot somewhere around her ribs and as dramatic as the scene was, my instincts just didn’t sit right with it, there was no call for an ambulance, no hospital, nothing at all. What if Ade Tiger was able to get her to a secret hospital someway somehow and he and Eniola kept it a secret to keep Kemi safe?

  Yh, I know about the ghost scene in the jail cell but what if Eniola had no idea about it at that moment so she thought Kemi died? If you remember at the last scene, there was this brawl between her and a black American guy because the guy rudely harrassed one of her girls in her restaurant, you guys should help me look at her face well o, she’s a striking copy of Kemi Salami….

And finally, my last prediction and the craziest of them all;

  • Mr Gobir Would be Eniola Salami’s Ally

Mehn, I know it sounds crazy but with Kemi Adetiba, anything crazy is a possibility. Who else remembers that text that Mr. Gobir got from one ‘Estate Agent’ All I know is that Kemi Adetiba is a super intelligent writer so having that at the last scene must definitely mean something in the sequel.

  What if she provided the evidence that facilitated Aare’s arrest in the end???? I mean what are the odds???

Let me know what y’all think of the prequel and at the same time let me know if you agree with my predictions in the comment section.

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Alright guys, this is where we draw the curtains but before I go (looks around with mischief in mind)

 It can’t be just me that gets this kind of look from my mother when I eat too much in a visitor’s house ooo…

Below is the official teaser of King of Boys 2, Trust me you head is gonna spin just like mine did if you see this

Have a splendid day guys!!

The Nostalgic Pen.

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  1. Faree

    Omgggg you’re so gooood! I held my breath throughout reading this. That would be great plot twists but I hope not because now you’ve spoilt it😔😔

    Loved reading this!

    1. thenostalgicpen

      Thanks a lot… They’re just smart guesses and I hope Kemi Adetiba beats me to it 😫😫

  2. Philip

    Wow, this is a very interesting. Nice predictions.
    But I don’t agree to the fact that Kemi Salami isn’t dead. She was shot and immediately died. I don’t think bringing her back will change anything since we’ve the likes of Nse&RMD.

    1. thenostalgicpen

      Hmm, let’s wait for Kemi Adetiba to lay out her magic first 😌😌

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