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King Richard 2021 : The Competence of A Vision

   King Richard is the real story of a father who is dogged enough to believe that his five daughters would have their names resounding in time and history. It is the story of a man who is crazy enough to write the destinies of his children before they were even born.

   Only a deaf man would say that he has never heard of The Williams, at least one must have heard the name Serena Williams once or twice in a lifetime. This movie opened the eyes of the audience to see the rigor and grit put in by these women before world-breaking achievements came rolling in. Now to the movie, we’ll be talking about;

  1. My Best Impressions
  2. Themes
  3. Characterization

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   Y’all know how much I love method acting, Will Smith brought the vibe to the table, he wore the character flawlessly. Looking at the character of Richard, you’ll see that the man wasn’t so much of a lovable person, he had big flaws, flaws that the director wanted to hide but Will did his best to bring out the full nature of those flaws without smearing his director’s pattern. He changed his accent and the tone of his like it was the simplest thing to do, he walked exactly like the character, two legs apart, slightly bent hips as if a boil was brewing in between and it was spectacular.

King Richard The Competence of a Vision ...

   Music and Sound were another A+ for me, the crew understood the need for soul-filling music, the lyrics of each song blended perfectly into the settings of the movie like it was reiterating every dialogue. We had songs like Get Me Back on Time by Wilson Pickett, Bass by King Tee, I Shall be Released by Nina Simone, Be Alive by Beyonce, etc. There was this part where the composer (Kris Bowers) synced a piano note with a tennis shot and it was beyond brilliant.

  Before I go on and on about the facets of the movie that I liked, there were things that irked me too. One of them was that there were obvious holes in Richard’s character. Richard didn’t sound like the goodly good man that the movie bent over to portray. Will Smith, however, was able to bring out snatches of the irritable character as much as he could and I’ll explain further as we move on.

    I also liked the fact that the movie put the audience in the thickets of a black neighborhood in Compton, United States. The movie was set in the ’90s and we see the thuggery, police brutality, bloodshed, drugs, and desperation serenading the black streets. It wasn’t downplayed or sugarcoated, this makes the audience relate and cheer on the efforts that Richard puts in to make sure his daughters are off the streets. King Richard teaches many things but the very first one that I’m so sure you’ll learn is;

King Richard The Competence of a Vision

* The Competence of A Vision

  Never downplay the importance of a vision, Richard understood this and held his vision by the guts. He dragged his wife and his kids into that vision, making sure that it properly aligned with their interests.  Imagine working night shifts as a security guard, and in the day, doing the most to slap his vision in the faces of those who he thought were instrumental to the reality of his plans. I loved that he worked up his plans and was confident enough to proclaim that he was going to defy the patterns of his background despite the unimaginable odds that came with it.

* The Importance of Opposition
    I don’t know why but one time in my life, I believed that if you’re a good person, just minding your business, then, bad things ain’t gonna happen to you. Well, I was very wrong, cause my dear Richard and his kids were just trying to make something pure out of their lives and thugs gathered up against him, he was beaten up countless times, and people thought he was crazy. King Richard amplifies the fact that the world would try to shout you down when you’re demanding more out of life, that’s the way it is now and it’ll always be that way.

* It’s Never About You

   When Richard began to distribute his 72-page plan, he barely knew the effects of his grit and passion. He was able to change the trajectory of thoughts of his family, his community, and the entire world. God gives us gifts not just to enrich our pockets, if that was the case then it’s a waste, He gives us gifts for the benefit of a generation. If you do not cultivate your gifts and make the most out of it, it ain’t just you, you’ve robbed an entire generation of the benefits that they were meant to enjoy through you.

  I loved how Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton played Venus and Serena Williams, it was obvious that they had observed their characters properly and took note of every detail that was needed to get the job done. I think one of the roles that people might ignore is Brandi William’s role played by Aunjanue Ellis. As the wife of a man as stubborn as Richard, the role is not so easy, she was able to play the role effortlessly taking note of every gesture, facial expression, and emotion.

Quotes from King Richard the movie

  All in all King Richard is an 85% for me, it’s a movie that you should see, it’ll inspire you in many ways imaginable. I pruned out some quotes from the movie just in case you need more convincing to see the movie you can also watch the trailer below too.

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