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Sing 2: Garth Jennings Wins the War of Grief with Resilience

    Hi guys, here I am again in our movie hut, cleaning it out after over two months of laziness and cowardice, however, you know that I never take a break without coming back with a bang. So, my review of Sing 2 is my coated apology for my unprecedented absence, now let’s get into it. I love animated movies ‘cause it snatches me further away from the harsh realities of life, and it seeps in life lessons deeper than you can imagine. Sing 2 teaches harsh lessons of reality, teaching ‘em creatively through music, dance, drama, and character development.

    Sing 2 was directed by brilliant actor, director, and screenwriter, Garth Jennings, and produced by Chris Meledandri, CEO of Illumination Entertainment. The movie is about a koala, Buster Moon, who after making remarkable achievements in his local theatre, sets out to take his entertainment to the biggest market in the entertainment industry. However, new dreams come with new problems for Buster Moon and his team. As usual, my review would be broken into two parts;

  •  Best Impressions
  •  Themes
Sing 2 Ash and Clay Calloway

   In this post, I talk only about the best impressions, links to the thematic analysis, and other exciting posts on Sing 2 that would be splattered all through this post for easy access. I had many impressions about the movie including the fact that the songs live rent-free in my head even as I write so I’ll start with my first;

1. Sing 2 has a Balanced Storyline

   For me, Sing 2 is balanced ‘cause it’s a movie that every age group in the society can watch without cringing. Grandparents, young adults, adults, and even two-year-old kids can enjoy the movie from different levels of understanding.  

  Nothing makes a storyline more creative than character development and a plot that’s moving at such a pace that it drags the audience in its’ rhythm. Every character developed, from the hero of the story, Buster Moon (Mattew McConaughey), to the antagonist, Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), even to minor characters like Nooshy (Letitia Wright) and Suki (Chelsea Peretti). This balance made the movie have a firm but lingering impact in my mind so much so that I thought, nahhh, this movie would not pass me by without a review.

2. Brilliant Costume and Choreography

      It’s one thing to create a costume that’ll be worn by human beings and it’s another thing to create a masterpiece that’s meant to fit animals. The costume designers for Sing 2, the  Rodarte sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, overly nailed it for me, you cannot help but notice the magnificence of every costume. For me, the best costume was Ash’s (Scarlett Johansson) costume in the last scene, it was sure evidence that there was stringent attention to detail in that costume. In fact, all of the costumes for every scene was perfect work of art.

    The choreography was another mind blower, every dance move was carefully thought out by actress and choreographer, Sherrie Silver and her team. Every dance move aligned with the personality of every character, ‘cause to make Johhny (Taron Egerton) dance like that, that takes work!

3.Top-notch Voice Acting

    Honestly, the voice actors nailed it!  Nick Kroll who voiced Gunter was my best because he nailed that pig’s voice and you can hear the excitement in his voice like he was loving every word he was saying.  Starting with the director himself, Garth Jennings who voiced Miss Crawly, like are you kidding me!! A man voiced Miss Crawly and he sounded so perfect like he just melted into the one-eyed iguana.

  Should we talk about Letitia Wright voicing Nooshy? How on earth did she get that raggedy street ingredient in her voice or Taron Egerton whose Welsh accent, tone, and rhythm, made Johnny sound more like music. Or Mattew McConaughey (Buster Moon) who did his own recording in his house. I could go on and on about Halsey(Porsha Crystal) and Bono (Clay Calloway) who did so well even when it was their first attempt at voice acting.

  All in all, the expertise in Sing 2 was massive and I can’t wait for you guys to see my thematic analysis of this film just by clicking the link below.

   If you’re still not sure whether or not to see this movie, kindly see the trailer below, and I promise you that it’ll be worth every second of your time.

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