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My Giant of Africa

You’re indeed a giant
blessed by God with unending riches.
You are buoyant
‘Cause God filled your cup with unending resources.

   But oh! I see your bleeding scars,
    Scars produced by that monster,
    Who saw your star
     and swore never to see you go far.

You’re are at a battle
with just one rifle,
Though your legs have been crippled
as your leaders have their pockets doubled.

         I know that you will win,
         You would come out clean,
         As far as the Supreme Eye sees.

You will rise against all odds,
You will grant those monsters defeat
as you fill their lands with flood.
For I know you would not retreat.

         You’re like the palm tree,
          With all states filled with galant blessings.
      You will one day, feed your people sufficiently
        And slaughter the hunger scourge efficiently.

    Your leaders shall be as Moses’ rod was to the Red sea,
     Leading us through the golden road of prosperity.
        I see a giant settled with democratic rigidity,
       One with the fingers of truth,
       A head filled with Solomon’s wisdom
       Feet with rigid toes of unending strength,
       A giant with a glistening shield of freedom.

The Nostalgic Pen©

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