The Joy of Motherhood.

She stands by me at all times,
Waves a flag of peace all day,
Has a permanent smile of love on her face,
She is no one else than my mother

     Her heart aches when the food cans are empty
     Having forgotten that God is watching.

She insists on education,
Her glasses thicker than the truce of dedication,
She is no one else than my mother.

    Her discipline, stringent and straight forward
    Never failing to impact the great values of life.
    Her every activity is a blessing and a lesson
    So is my mother.

Working vigorously that our fees be paid
so that our lives in the future would be without bail.
She impacts knowledge and wisdom,
With a rigid assurance that it’ll be of help in the future.

      She suffers all aches
      So her children would never suffer the same fate.
      It was she who said to me,

Life is neither a bed of roses for a bed of thorns

  It only depends on how far you see!”

Once my model, forever a model!

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