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The World Would Remember…

The world would remember when all men could not work,
The world would remember when mothers could not nurse without gloves,
when the streets closed down like garlic cloves,
And places of worship shut down in one accord.

The world forgets the men who worked their farms
breathless,restless, without begging for alms,
The world forgets that great man who created something new,
But never forgets the timbers and callibers with blood blue.

The world would remember when students were sent out of school,
Our eyes closed as our destinies were put on hold.
The world would remember when all wore masks and gloves
And exchanged pleasantries with elbows arched.

The world forgets that brave soldier
who left pleasure behind to serve his country,
But because he was neither a General or a Lord
His corpse given as a sumptuous feast to the vultures.

The world would remember when the Earth shivered from the sting of the pandemic,
But would they ever remember the science men?
Who like the brave soldier and the farmer held their breath to save the world.
Would they remember?

The world forgets that brave girl, ripped of her pride
Strangled by injutice, left in the prude world to die,
But the world never forgets the pregnant men with stolen suitcases,
Who live and die enjoying their fellow man’s suffering.

The world would forget but I would not,
I salute the men whose innocent blood greased the knives of terrorists,
I salute the boys and girls whose destinies closed before they even began.

Glory to the Father in Heaven for He knoweth all things,
The things to come, things past and things present
The world forgets, even I would forget
But the Just God never forgets the indelible sacrifice of His people.

The Nostalgic Pen©

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My name is Ogbonna Chimezie and welcome to a very important part of my universe, where I make it an assignment to light up the beacons of hope, fun, love, and light.

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  1. Daniel Adejombo

    We should remember!!!!

    This is a fantastic one.

    1. thenostalgicpen

      Thanks a lot ☺️☺️

  2. Alade Abisoye

    This is really worth remembering… Even if the world forgets your words shall live on in poetry.

    1. thenostalgicpen

      Thanks dearie 😍

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