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Those Who Will Win by Dunsin Oyekan: The Paradox of Complete Success

       Those Who Will Win by Dunsin Oyekan is one of the songs in, The Glory Experience (Songs of Zion), that was released just recently. Dunsin is not just a singer or a worship leader like most people like to describe him, he’s an embodiment of tested patterns of faith. He’s committed to showing a unique dimension of God as we’ve never seen in these times. There’s no one that hears his voice and doesn’t know that it’s most definitely Dunsin Oyekan behind the mic, from his vocals to the lyrics down to his style of music, marks him as a man of diverse revelations and anointing.

     I first heard the chorus of Those Who Will Win on his Instagram page, at that time, it wasn’t released, I patiently waited and I can boldly say that I was beyond thrilled when I heard the song. So as not to deviate so much from the subject matter, I’ll be reviewing this song in three different parts; Melody, Lyrics, and Themes.

Those who will win by Dunsin Oyekan......


    The Holy Spirit is the foundation of every perfect worship, however, the building blocks of dedication, sacrifice, and expertise are needed to create music that’ll stand the tyranny of time. Listening to this song proved that Dunsin had an innate understanding of the rubrics of music. His backup singers are a concrete example of dedication and sacrifice, ’cause to modulate like that and carry the chorus with that much power and harmony, one must dig really deep to get such kind of outstanding result.

    Before we even heard Dunsin’s voice, the drums pumped beats of readiness in my heart, I already knew that the drums were in the similitude of town criers announcing the arrival of a new revelation. I liked how the sounds from the keyboard melted in the thumping beats of the drums, how the keyboard was able to lock eyes with the bass guitar, the guitar lent a hand to the trumpets and the violins sat in sync with the drums. The expertise of the instrumentalists was so much so that they were able to carry the weight of the assignment that was given. Even when the chorus was no longer echoing they were able to produce tunes that gave the Holy Spirit deserving comfort in the praises of His people (Psalms 22:3)


This is the place of His power

This is the place of His grace

At the feet of my Jesus

Is the Highest Place

    This chorus alone even without the beat and rhythm is enough to get you thinking a lot. I liked that there was just one verse, pre-chorus, and a chorus, I didn’t have to bite my tongue to be able to sing it after listening to it a few times. There was this salient force in its simplicity, the lyrics of this song was so simple that you’ll probably start out singing the song without realizing it.

     I like that Dunsin understood that the power of the song was laced in its chorus and repetition was needed for a proper entrance of the revelation it carried. There was a certain degree of synergy of the verse and the chorus that’s capable of juggling the heart of every man towards understanding the importance of the God factor in their lives.

Those Who Will Win by Dunsin Oyekan


  This is and would always be the best part of my reviews and so to dive in let me start with my very first;

  1. The Secret of Complete Success

     Here, Dunsin did well not to mince words, especially in these times where being a devoted Christian is seen as a waste of time, a sign of weakness, or of an untrained mind. In a world where most people pitch their tent on their own abilities and motivations, forgetting that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the darkness of this world (Ephesians 6:12). We live our lives as consistent variables that can be tossed to and fro by these forces if we do not hold the outstretched hands of our Creator.

    When cooking a pot of Egusi soup, salt and seasoning cubes are major ingredients, if the soup is cooked without them, it never gets the desired taste no matter how many modifications you make. In the same way, there are many keys to success and they must follow a specific order, or else, success in any sphere of life is either incomplete, insatiable, frustrating, or an awful master of the entirety of your affairs.

    Diligence is needed to succeed, Knowledge is needed, Hard work and Sacrifice is also needed, as even God said that a man diligent in his ways would stand before kings (Proverbs 22:29), but underestimating the need to consistently bow before Him first before others, would make success incomplete, as tasteless as a pot of soup without salt (Matthew 6:33; Matthew 7: 24-27).

Those Who Will Win by Dunsin Oyekan....

2. The Relationship between Humility, Strategies, and Battlefields.

 As we bow before Him

We find grace and mercy to help

Victory is assured

At the place of His feet

   Here is where everyone including me comes in, accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Personal Savior is not the end, it’s the beginning of another journey. This is where you start building a relationship with the One that you’ve surrendered your life to, you cannot expect to vouch for a God that you don’t know (Hosea 4:6).

   God is pleasantly anticipating for you to know Him and understand His dealings and activities much more than Abraham did in his time. Abraham was so close to God, so much so that God couldn’t hide His own activities from him (Genesis 18:17). How was Abraham able to get that close to God? Let’s not even start with David whom God called His beloved, these were men like us who journeyed with God and became best friends with the King of all Kings.

    It all starts from a place of humility, a place of understanding that we are not who we are if He’s not on our side (Psalms 124), it is at that point that we’re able to consistently go on bended knees bearing childlike hearts(Matthew 18:2-6) before the only God who is keeping us on our feet. Humility is reinstated by keeping His commandments (John 14:15), and by dwelling in a place of consistent prayer and worship.

    Prayer is not just about screaming the roof of your house down, rather it is an intentional and consistent conversation with God (Colossians 4:2 AMP), its the same way you update your friend on the daily gists and happenings in your life. It’s in the seat of humility and prayer that we receive strategies to face the divergent battles that we face every day, Joshua got his strategies in a place of prayer (Joshua 1:2-9) so did David (1Samuel 30:8) even Jesus drew His strategies from prayer, else He wouldn’t have advised us to pray without ceasing (Luke 18:1).

  This is where I bring this review to a close, ‘cause if I keep at it, ten pages would not be enough to pour out all that I learned from Dunsin’s simple song. Below is the music video and download links from four different websites so you can get a taste of the revelation yourself too! Do well to download this song and tell me what you think in the comments, also do not forget to let me know your reactions to this post using the emoticons below! Don’t forget to Subscribe!

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