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What To Do While Waiting For His Text

So recently I chopped breakfast – yes o, a whole me, a whole wife material, 200 yards. My hard-girl, hard-girl melted immediately after I met this guy. But as God would have it, he wasn’t the man of my dreams. I found myself waiting for his texts; minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days, and sometimes it could get as long as a week for this gentleman to reply to my text or even call. And the waiting period was like torture to my body and soul – customers of this particular type of breakfast will understand me on another level.

Ahhh my brothers and sisters in the Lord, like many other coming-of-age stories, I had to come to my senses and fight for my mental health. That is why I have come in peace to help in these trying times. Below are tips to do while waiting for ‘him’ to text you.

Making Conclusions

So the first thing you can do while waiting for his text is to go and narrate your ordeal to a friend you trust. People are looking for gist to entertain them, who knows they might feature your story on the next Netflix series. Your case cannot already be as bad as Devi of Never Have I Ever and if it is worse, we might have to invite Judge Funmi Asaolu of The Justice Court. Anyways, a win is a win.

Another thing you can do while waiting on his text is spend your money. If men have refused to baby you, you sef baby yourself. Spend that last 5k in your account to get yourself a decent gown for 3k (if you don’t have plug, I have plug), and use the rest to buy spaghetti and turkey. You are now left with 500 naira, get yourself a small 5-alive pulpy. The rest, save it as an offering when you get to church. Life is not that hard, let’s not toughen it.

A must to do is to attend prayer meetings because why are you always stuck on talking stages? Your mates are having real-life relationship experiences, you are just talking and talking. Even customer service no talk reach this one, nawa o. It’s not like you can use the excuse of having expensive taste in men, your taste buds are burnt like the way you fry your plantain. Anyways, what cannot be achieved physically would be achieved spiritually. Amen??

Another tip is to write a book. You know he kuku won’t reply in a year’s time. Why not channel this energy into achieving something worthwhile? If you lack inspiration, you can write about your tragedies of failed relationships. Who knows, you might be the next New York bestselling author. May the best tragedy win.

Finally, invest in other kinds of relationships. A romantic relationship is not the only relationship one can be blessed with. You can use the time to call cousins, aunties, and uncles who you haven’t heard from in a while, who knows, you can warm their hearts with just that little show of love and in return, they can bless you with small pocket money – you are smiling now abi? When you collect small from here and there, your account would be robust, you might even forget that small boy because you have become Odogwu overnight. 

Anyways, on a more serious note, I really hope that anyone facing rejection and loneliness is surrounded by the right people and grows past it.

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Ruth Abusomwan

Abusomwan [noun]: A path that leads to many routes.

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  1. Agnes

    Let me go and spoil myself nau 🥹thank you🫶🏻

    1. Ruth Abusomwan

      You deserve it oooo.
      Please do

  2. Ewoma

    Except I know he is very busy… emphasis on VERY BUSY… because a person who is not so busy will make them to text.
    Omo, not going to lie o, my new energy is to not bother myself. If he wants to text me, he will text me. I don’t really like to feel like a ‘maybe’.
    I know how it feels when a guy likes me, like when he really likes me. He will text!
    Maybe sometimes I feel like guys do it to keep girls on the edge…maybe…
    But, I will forget it and put my mind on something else till he wants to text, then I’ll reply with equal energy.
    If he never texts, then it should immediately leave my mind. We will continue to relate like normal as though he never got my contact.
    If maybe he got a wrong number or something else happened, he’ll clarify when next we meet.
    Life is too short

    1. Ruth Abusomwan

      I meannnn we are serving energies

      But what if you really like this guy. Like love can play a blind eye to somethings.

      And those one that are emotionally unavailable… Chia

  3. Sheyla

    I really need that prayer oo, because I am Miss Talking Stage

    1. Ruth Abusomwan

      Lmao 🤣 it’s a pandemic

  4. Abraham

    Now this is an interesting blog 😂, the memes made it that way . Ladies take note
    Nice one Ruth 🥹🫶

    1. Ruth Abusomwan

      Thank you

  5. Doris

    Nice one dear

    1. Ruth Abusomwan

      Thank you so much Doris

  6. Omoya

    This is hilariously creative and beautiful.

    1. Ruth Abusomwan

      Awwwn I appreciate thank you

  7. Esther

    This is awesome 👍

    1. Ruth Abusomwan

      Thank you Esther

  8. Blinx

    Ruth! ☺️👍

  9. Osaremwanta Omokaro

    Beautiful piece. Well-done 👏👏👏👏♥️

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