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Wilderness Mentalities (Part 1)

I know this is a truly weird topic, I mean who gets up one morning to juxtapose the words wilderness mentalities, well I want to talk about the topic a little bit before starting off. At first, I was thinking about the right way to start off my blog, after abandoning it for over three months, I’m so sorry about that but you can lash out at me for leaving y’all for that long in the comment section.

      I got this topic out of a book titled ‘The Battlefield of the Mind’ by Joyce Meyer, I figured that almost everything that we see around us today started off from the mind of somebody. The mind is the home of your imagination, your thoughts, your vision, your dreams, your hopes, it has everything to do with the way we think, the way we act and the how we interpret things around us. The right thoughts benefit us while the bad ones hurt us and hinder our progress.

     Have you ever felt like you wouldn’t make it and that your hard work wouldn’t pay off in the end? Have you ever felt like you’re not enough or that there is this vacuum in your heart that makes you feel hollow, worthless and of no significance? Have you ever felt that there’s something bad that’ll happen to you someway somehow and that you don’t have to build dreams too high or get your hopes up just so that you can be ready for the worst.

   Guess what I found out? These are all wilderness mentalities, first it comes as a thought and then you rehearse it in your mind then you feel sad thinking about it and then you get angry at yourself for not being happy like you should and it goes on and on like that. I’ll be treating the twelve of these mentalities that Joyce treated in her book, one after the other in this series. I don’t mean to judge anyone, who am I to judge anyone when I am a victim myself , I found a way to get out of that wilderness and that’s exactly what I want to share with you guys.

    To get out of any kind of wilderness, there are some vital steps that you must take;

  • Be Determined To Let That Thought Go

  I read about the people of Israel and how much God loved and cared for them so much that He plagued the Egyptians even to the point of killing the Egyptians first born sons for their sake. Yet, while God took them to the Promise Land, a journey that should take approx. eleven days, He took them around and around for over forty years, even at that only Caleb and Joshua made it to the Promise Land.

   I sat down to think about it, why would God care for them so much on one hand and then leave them to rot on the other. Then I found out how much the Israelites had this ‘You should have left us in Egypt, at least down there, there are grave yards there..’ mentality.

   They didn’t see the Promise Land in their minds instead they rehearsed their weaknesses, their circumstance and they just didn’t let Egypt go even when God promised them a much better place.

    I used to think that the Israelites were nothing but stiff-necked people who refused to see past their nose and I would slaughter them in my mind until I found out that I am also stiff-necked, most of us are stiff-necked. This is where it takes me to the first wilderness mentality on Joyce’s list;

  1. “My Future is Determined by my Past and my Present…”

        I was on this table and most of y’all think that you have to struggle just so that your past mistakes wouldn’t catch up with you, there is this pressure that boils you from the inside out when you waste precious time in the present. For most of my early teenage years, I would think about this so much and then blame myself for my mistakes and then I’ll try to give myself a befitting punishment to right my past and my present mistakes but guess what,

    ‘Your future is not determined by your past or even your present…

   First of all we have to realize, no matter how rich or famous you are, leaving God out of your life is cramming the wrong piece of the puzzle in the right place. Most people like to think that they’ve got it and  they can survive on his own without God’s help that’s why we have too many rich people who have suicidal tendencies, they have all that they’ve ever wanted and yet they feel like they have failed in life that’s because they crammed their abilities on God’s seat in their lives.

    When you have faith in God, when you start your success story with God beside you, you achieve much more than you ever imagined. There’s this thing that God does, He uses your past mistakes and uses them in your favor, remember the story of Joseph and how he wouldn’t stop telling his enemies ( his brothers) his dream, it’ll have been better if the chap kept his dream to himself and prayed about it. He trusted them too much even when they didn’t hide their hatred, but God used those brothers to send him to Egypt where he fulfilled his destiny. There are facets to yourself that you’ll never know until you’re in tune with the One that designed you, without Him you’ll only scratch the surface instead of the fullness of your destiny.

    The next step is the ability to SEE.

Our sense of sight has the physical component and the much deeper component called the VISION. Most people even after trusting God still wouldn’t stop seeing that they would become failures in life, they would rather feel sorry for themselves than see nothing good coming out of them. Chase away negative thoughts from your heart like it’s a disease, do not agree to it much less say it out of your mouth. Don’t be your own enemy, fight those thoughts when it comes.

     When I get bad thoughts, I like to imagine myself as a superhero with a giant broom that flogs all those bad thoughts so bad that they become riddled with too many bruises. This doesn’t mean that those thoughts wouldn’t come again but when it does, get your brooms ready, don’t sit there and feel sorry for yourself like a coward, FIGHT IT!

God gives you an edge over those thoughts with His Word, His Word makes it quicker and easier, ‘But He said, What is impossible with men is possible with God.’ {Deutronomy 18:27}  You can be that doctor, that astronaut, that lawyer, anything that you wish to be no matter how impossible it looks because your Designer said so.

    The next step to defeat this mentality is to LOOK UP. Most people think that they are not on God’s list of priorities, I’ve been on this table so much that I went into the wrong relationships, the wrong lifestyle, this is because I was LOOKING DOWN on myself  and on my significance in life. Here’s what I found, ‘…and He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, neither decide by the hearing of His ears;’(Isaiah 11:3)

   This is the Prophet Isaiah prophesying about Jesus Christ and if you would reread that verse again you’ll understand that God doesn’t give two hoots about your past mistakes, He doesn’t care about how much you have stolen from your Mama’s purse as long as you’ve come back to Him.

   I figured that I kept on judging myself through other people’s eyes instead of through the eyes of the One that matters the most. This mentality in turn ruins the way we see life and we waste the opportunity that God keeps on our path because we have let the thought that we are not enough beat us through and through. These poisonous thoughts produce bad fruits in our lives that turns out to be bad behavior.

  The next step is BE GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR WHERE YOU ARE. Most people find it so hard to count their blessings, you don’t have to thank God only on Sundays or December 31st night. Thank God for the bread you eat today and tomorrow He’ll add fried eggs to the menu, that’s how God is. Learn to be patient with yourself even when you are not thinking according to plan, give yourself more time and keep on trying. God never gives up on you no matter how imperfect you are, keep on beating those bad thoughts hard and bruise by bruise and they’ll lose their hold on your mind. Remember when God told Abraham to Look Up;

    ‘For all the land which you SEE, I will give to you and to your posterity forever..’ (Genesis 13:15)

  Quit thinking about where you come from, pay more attention to your relationship with God, your vision and your destiny, fill your mind with positive thoughts and it would all fall in place one at a time according to His purpose for you.


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